Revolutionary silicone lid

The Ultimate Silicon Lid

Revolutionary silicone lid allows you to keep any aluminum soda or beer can from leaking once it’s opened !

The Ultimate Silicon Lid for Aluminum Cans lands in households in the USA and French Can-Dom will keep your favorites drinks fresh and avoid the accidents that may occur with the content of your canned beverages once opened.

French Can-dom was created by a French Inventor to solve the problem of leaking cans and to avoid spillage, also to keep the can fresh after opening.

This silicone lid was initially conceived for an advertising campaign as it can be

decorated with any logo or brand and it is a perfect gadget for marketing purposes.

“We believe that our patented silicone lid French Can-Dom soon will be soon used by most of the soda and beer companies around the world as a marketing tool and for advertising purposes “said Rodrigo Lopez VP of marketing.

What is the advantage of using this silicon lid?

Resistant to extreme temperatures (-76 to 482 ° F).

Resistant to weather, ozone, radiation and moisture.

An excellent electrical insulating properties.

Suitable for food and medical use.

It has flexibility and a long lifespan.

Good resistant to fire.

Re-usable up to 1,000 times.

Elongation at strength 100 – 1100 %.

Hypo-allergenic, NO Allergy Guaranteed.

Insect proof and easy to use .

French Can-Dom allows each family member to recognize their very own soda, beer or energy drink in the fridge , 12 colors are available  one for each family member.


French Can-Dom is protected by EEC Patent 001989419-0001 and US Patent D 712 258 .